Comparing Quotes For Building Design


So you’ve decided your ready to go. Your renovation, Extension or New Home will come to fruition! And while it’s exciting, and you want to move now, you’ll need to find the right professionals to make it happen. Before you engage your builder there are a couple of steps you need to take. Having the Architectural plans drafted will be the first one, as your builder and other consultants will need to see what you are looking to build, in order to provide advice and quotes. 

If you have engaged a Building designer or Draftsman before, you will know that prices for drafting architectural plans can vary greatly. While this can be confusing, the reality is that not all quotes are made the same, and the level of service and quality can vary greatly. Here are a few things to consider while embarking on your search for the perfect Quote. 

The level of detail in a set of plans can vary from the basic level, where the bare minimum is provided to a much higher level of detail, where more aspects of the design and construction are documented, which in theory will provide clearer communication of the design and construction, mitigating any grey area’s or aspects that can left to interpretation and can sometime’s cause issues at build time. The bare minimum, is what any draftsman or building designer should provide and this will be what is required for your certification and builder. For smaller projects like Decks, Carports, Smaller renovations and addition’s this level of detail will usually be enough. For larger projects you may wish to have more clarity, and a higher level of detail may be the right fit for your particular job. 

A standard set of working plans will contain a Site Plan, Floor Plan, Elevations, Sections and any Details required by your certifier. Additional plans can include Electrical Plans, Roof Plans, Window Schedules, Interior Elevations etc and other that you may request or your designer may suggest to make sure your design is clearly communicated to whoever is reading your plans. 

Some Designers or Draftsman will offer Bracing and Tie down plans which are required for your certification, others may have a structural engineer they work with prepare these on their behalf. 

Additionally, when comparing quotes, there a few other factors that should be considered when comparing prices. Be sure to know your draftsman’s process, and how many revisions of the design they will allow before charging for variations and amendments. This can greatly affect the costs down the line and this is why it is always good to have clear idea of what your after or make sure the design brief you give your draftsman is very concise, reducing the need for a lengthy and expensive design process. Another aspect is just purely the level of professionalism you are going to experience, as this can make the whole process much easier and pleasant. Things to consider would be the time frames your Draftsman or Building Designer will work too, The ease of communication and overall trust you can place in their hands. These aspects can make whole experience much better when comparing, and are usually worth the small extra cost.

One last aspect to consider would be the access or mediation your designer offers for any additional consultants that will be required for you’re building permit, This can include Building Certifiers, Engineers, Town Planner etc. Your Designer may offer contact information for consultants he has worked with in the past and recommends, or they may offer a total project administration service to handle the quotes and processes leading right up to achieving you’re building permit, which can eliminate the time and headache of doing this yourself.

So! Here we have outlined a few of the factors you will want too consider when comparing quotes for your project, and understand that the variances in price’s is usually related to the variances in service and quality. Always get multiple quotes, always do your research and feel free to ask your Draftsman for previous work or testimonials so that you feel at ease when engaging the right professionals for your project, you’ll be far better off in the long run and you’ll cruise though the process with ease to the end result which ultimately matters, and that’s your new build!