7 Reasons You Can’t or Shouldn’t Subdivide Land in Brisbane

After years in the Building Design and Property Development space, It becomes clear that finding accurate and consistent information can sometimes be a challenge. This can be a result of the professionals you are talking too, it can also be because of the inherent subjectivity that you will find in the planning and approval process. AKA  “The Grey Area”

As a result, assessing a property for its development potential can sometimes be a long and confusing process if you do not know where to find the relevant information. But patience my good friends, we’re here to help. Let’s shed light on one of the simpler development options: Subdivision. More specifically, when you can’t or should NOT Subdivide.

By the process of elimination, you will be better suited to move on from the project, or re- assess the options. In some cases while Subdivison may be a viable option, it may not be the best land use, and other solutions should be considered.

So! Here are 7 reasons you can’t or shouldn’t Subdivide land in Brisbane:

1. It's not big enough.

Council have minimum lot sizes depending on zoning and location. For low density residential the minimum lot sizes are;

a)Every lot is equal to or greater than 300 square metres, where within 200 metres walking distance of a site or sites in a zone in the Centre zones category with a combined site area of more than 2000 square metres

b)Every lot is equal to or greater than 400 square metres, where greater than 200 metres walking distance of a site or sites in a Centre zone comprising more than 2000 square metres

c)Every rear lot is equal to or greater than 600 square metres.

2. It has a Character Overlay.

The property has a traditional character house/or heritage listed house on it that can't be removed.

3. It has a Flood Overlay.

Brisbane city council will generally decline subdivision applications if the land has flood or overland flow overlays affecting the property.

4. Civil connections aren't available.

If you can't service the new lots being created, you can't subdivide. This means having access to power, sewer, water and stormwater connections.

5. The market doesn't want it.

Just because council will allow you subdivide doesn't mean you should. If there's no buyers for the subdivided property/ land, it may be a risky exercise. Sometimes the highest/best use for a property is to leave it as is. A careful, thorough market analysis should always be completed before undertaking such an exercise.

6. It will cost too much

A simple, 1 into 2 subdivisions in Brisbane can cost around $90,000-$100,000, so you need to be sure you can get a return on all that investment.

7. There's a better use for the property.

Many properties that can be subdivided can achieve a higher use with a different development option, ie. townhouses, duplex, larger single home.

So there it is. With the above knowledge, go forth and prosper my friends. Planning and development can be tricky at times, but piece by piece, you can assemble the right information to assess potential development options for your own sites in and around the Brisbane area.

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