My name is Brad Andrew. I’m a Brisbane based Building Designer and Draftsman with over a decade experience in the industry. I have a passion for all things creative, particularly Architecture and Design. I create functional building design solutions for clients who want a 1 on 1, hassle free client experience. I focus on functional modern design principles tailored to the needs of my clients. I only work on projects that I believe I am a great fit for, so that I may be of most value to the people I work with. With a 1 on 1 service you won’t be dragged down with the tiring admin processes larger firms can hide behind. I promise that engaging with me will produce a custom outcome, a clear concise project flow, and expert guidance throughout the whole process, from concept to construction. I am mobile so I come to you.

The Building Design process can seem daunting with a whole lot of moving parts. I aim to bring clarity and guidance to the process, so that my clients may realise their architectural ideas from the initial Concept Design through the Approval process and all the way up to Build Quotes and Construction Tender. I bring your building to life, considering everything from Site Context, Lifestyle, and Budget whilst listening to your goals and alleviating concerns. This way I provide a service that meets the needs of my clients while ensuring the end result is a constructed building that you love. I hope we can work together soon…


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I Provide Concept Design, Construction Drawings and Project Management services for Residential Projects Including Renovations, Additions and New Builds.

With Years of experience as a Building Designer and Draftsman I will work with you 1 on 1 every step of the way to ensure a tailored approach, anchored in functional design principles while producing a building that addresses your lifestyle and needs.

I will tailor a Building Design and Drawing Package that serves your Budget and Goals Best.

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I Provide Concept Design, Construction Drawings and Project Management services for Multi - Res Projects including Multi Unit Developments, Townhouses, Terrace Housing and Granny Flats.

I will guide you through the Planning and DA process with comprehensive Site analysis, Feasibility Studies , DA Drawings and Construction Drawings while liaising with all required consultants to ensure a smooth and viable solution for your property. I can also provide investment reports and market analysis to provide detailed information on your estimated development returns in the current market so you know your on the right track.

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I Provide Concept Designs and Working Drawings for Commercial Projects Including Restaurants, Bars, Cafes and More.

I believe a functional commercial design should be anchored in the needs of you as a client, but also the needs your future customers and the environment you wish to create for them.

With a focus on Functional Design Principles, adhering to all relevant Council and Building Code Standards I will produce a Design that creates the Customer Experience you desire while ensuring an outcome that can be approved and open for business.